Malware Protection

Here at Packet Benders we take your cyber security very seriously. Our goal is to help prevent you from being affected by any type of malware, ransomware or viruses by helping you protect your data and stay on top of security upgrades and offering MFA (multi-factor authentication) options.

  • Malware, Virus and Ransomware protection.

    • Our services provide 24/7 monitoring for malware and virus threats not only on the PC but on the network before it even reached your PC.
    • Our antivirus not only monitors for known threats but using a heuristics engine can identify threats that are new or unknown with real time monitoring without relying on outdated definitions.
    • Our backup solution includes support for ransomware detection to double down on protection of the network alongside our Antivirus and malware solution

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

    • We offer best-in-class multi-factor authentication solutions that confirm that the people accessing your critical network and data resources are who they say they are. We can help protect your email, PCs and Servers.

  • Device Management

    • Securely manage iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices with a single endpoint management solution. Streamline and automate deployment, provisioning, policy management, app delivery, and updates. Protect data with or without device enrollment. Help safeguard data when you don’t manage devices used by employees or partners to access work files. App protection policies provide granular control over Office 365 data on mobile devices.